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This world

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2012, 9:35 AM
  • Mood: Disgust
  • Listening to: Doomsday
This world is starting to piss me off. Not this world, per say, just society. Society these days is so screwed up its not even funny. My friend texted me last night (at like 12:30 am, at that) and was talking about that. She said,

"I really don't get this world anymore. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, texting, everywhere! You get judged. You get stabbed in the back. Because of these things people are getting bullied, lowering their self esteem, they self harm, and possibly attempt suicide. And here we are, just watching. We need to do something!"

And that my friends, is the internet, at its finest.

I am sickened at what people say and how people act online. People will do things they wouldn't normally do because people can't see they're faces. They use the internet to hide. Some put down others so they can be on top. It's not doing anyone good!

We, as teenagers, are the next generation. A lot of us are causing distress in the lives of others. Not necessarily you or me, or the person across the room, but a lot of teenagers are. We, as the next generation, need to do something. We, as people, need to do something. This world is not fair. It's not always going to be fair, but we, as teenagers, as the next generation, as PEOPLE, need to do something.

That's why a couple of my friends came up with a mission which they called Smiles. The rules are simple:

1. Smile big
2. Don't judge out loud
3. Kill mean people with kindness

Smiles was made two days ago. I found out about it ten minutes ago.

It might not do much online. But it's a start. A start that might just change us. It might just change everyone. Do it.

In November last year, I was struggling with my emotions. But one day, I smiled at a random stranger on my way to school. He smiled back. It positively made my day. I decided from then on, I would always smile. It's changed me. It honestly has. It makes me feel great to see so many people smiling.

You can smile too. You never know. Someone might be having a hard day, or a hard life. Smiling can make someones day.

SMILE. One word, five letters, and this simple word can have a HUGE effect.

What else can we do?

We, as teenagers, as the next generation, as people who have hearts, can change the world.

Let's start now.

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CraziiDeerz Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

100% percent agree with every word you have written
Froggygirl101 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I agree, and thanks!
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